Daredevil Is the Best Netflix-Produced Show Ever
by kishner Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I finished Daredevil season 2 on Netflix last night. Won't offer any spoilers, but I will complain that there was one fight scene in which a minor character's stunt double looked so different than the actor that the discrepancy ruined the scene for me. That noted, Daredevil has been my favorite Netflix-produced series, one of the few in which I don't lose interest. I feel compelled to watch from beginning to end. 

I also enjoyed Jessica Jones, and I appreciate that the worlds between the two shows overlap. (They both take place in Hell's Kitchen, of course. But some characters from one show pop up in the other.) I enjoy the dark, gritty Netflix Marvel more than the popcorn-tentpole-movie Marvel and the network-TV Marvel. 

I saw a trailer for Luke Cage, and am interested to see how that show fares. 

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