Verifying Dave Winer's 1999 CMS on Google Webmaster Tools
by kishner Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This blog is running on a Node.js app on Linode. This morning I decided I wanted to verify it on Google Webmaster Tools. There are few ways to verify the blog because the template is not (currently) customizable. However I did figure out how to upload an HTML file: via SCP.

The user data for lives on my server at /home/MY-USERNAME/nodestorage/publicFiles/users/kishner. So I downloaded the verification HTML file from Google Webmaster Tools to my local hard drive. Then I entered the following into Terminal:

scp google**********.html MY-USERNAME@MY-IP-ADDRESS:/home/MY-USERNAME/nodestorage/publicFiles/users/kishner

I was then able to successfully verify the site, because that file now lives at************.html

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