Textexpander.com's New Subscription Service: Too Much $$ to Ask for?
by kishner Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Smile Software is moving Textexpander to a subscription service. $4.95 per month, less if you pay annually. 

I feel ambivalent about this move. Buying a new version of the iOS app or upgrading the Mac OS version is less expensive than paying about $50 per year, yet I think it's important to support software developers, especially in the current climate in which most users balk at paying anything for an app.

In my day job, I rely on TE extensively. I have bursitis, presumably a form of repetitive stress syndrome, because I am a web producer and am at my computer nearly all day. TE saves me so many keystrokes! When I moved to my new job I pushed hard (successfully) to get IT to pay for a license, because they would not let me use my personal license. 

However, I don't use TE all that much in my personal life. I have it installed on my home Mac (and feel kinda pissed that I upgraded to TE 5 three days before the announcement) and on my iPhone. But (a) I rarely use my home Mac; and (b) I hate the TE keyboard extension on iOS so I just use the built-in keyboard shortcuts in the iPhone settings. I don't really take advantage of snippet expansion in apps like Drafts or Launch Center Pro. 

One question I have: If I don't care about syncing snippets, can I keep using my current versions of the apps "forever"? Because I don't really want to pay $50 a year just to sync or share snippets. 

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