by kishner Monday, April 4, 2016

This is my first post running Dave Winer's nodeStorage software on a Linode server. I was previously running it on an Amazon EC2 instance but Dave told me Linode is less expensive. 

I may actually stick with this CMS. I really like that I can just start typing in the field at the top of the home page. And I can add a title or image later if I feel like it, but it's not necessary.

  • wow that's awesome!

    • Yes I was able to Like this message this time. And I was able to Like the comment. The reason I asked about whitelisting is that there might be a bug. We're in total bug-shakeout-mode here. ;-)

  • I signed on to the app (authenticating with Twitter) and can now reply to the original post.  I'm not certain this is intended (wrt the whitelist functionality).  I also liked the original post.  And I've now liked all three comments (at this point) as well as the original post.

    •  I believe you are able to reply to posts but not create your own posts if you're not whitelisted 

      • He can't change the settings on your blog. Even if you authorized him to write posts here, only you can do that. Same with editing the template and the menubar, only the owner can do that.

      • I have one major corner-turn I'm doing now, and once that's done I will be able to turn to documenting the user interface and fixing UI bugs (which I really want to do). 

      • BTW, a lot of the prior art I'm using here is Facebook. So if you want to understand why something works one way or the other, if I could do it the way FB does it, I did. 

      • But I also tried to improve on the FB experience in ways I felt it should be improved. 

  • I'm unable to change the settings.

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